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Man Uses Car to Promote Fake IDs and Gets Arrested

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. – Monday a Warren County man was charged with
manufacturing illegal identification cards. Tennesee Highway Patrol (THP) noticed the
man's Ford Escort covered in promotions for IDs, Record Services, Inc., - Ready In 10
Minutes, and were able to stop the vehicle for a registration violation.
According to THP, Trooper Gary Myers spotted the Ford Escort traveling east bound on
Sparta Street around 9 a.m. Monday. The trooper noticed the extremely visible
advertising for identification cards in 10 minutes.
Myers also noticed that the Escort did not have a commercial license plate, H-1 tag,
which is required for vehicles used in a commercial enterprise, according to THP.
Myers said that upon stopping the driver he noticed a portable computer in the front seat
and a card printer in the rear seat. After obtaining consent to search the vehicle, Myers
recovered several fake Tennessee and Florida IDs.
The trooper took the driver, Louis Correa, into custody and booked him in the Warren
County Jail on the charges of manufacturing government documents, suspended drivers
license, possession of more than one drivers license and registration law.
After Correa admitted in a statement to THP that he made and sold at least 300 fake IDs,agents in the THP Criminal Investigation Division said they were going to conduct an ongoinginvestigation and look into pressing possible federal violation.
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