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From: Nebraska Radio Network

A Nebraska City man is admitting his role in an international crime ring that trafficked fake identity records from Puerto Rico into the United States.

Twenty-five-year-old Gerardo Rangel Rojas, also known as Ivan Lara Rojas, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess, produce, and transfer false ID documents from April of 2009 to January of this year.

Court records say Rojas distributed more than 100 fake identity documents to his customers.

Captain Lonnie Neeman, at the Nebraska City police, says while Rojas had a role in the case, he wasn’t making the documents here.

“It wasn’t that fake birth certificates or Social Security cards were printed here, that wasn’t the case,” Captain Neeman says. “I believe the subject that was apprehended here in Nebraska City was assisting and maybe selling them or providing them to other people, but it wasn’t like the printing operation was actually going on here.”

In all, 53 people from 18 states and Puerto Rico were indicted in the case. Rojas faces up to 15 years in jail and a 250-thousand dollar fine for his involvement. He will be sentenced September 17th.

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