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Miami (CNN) 

A federal judge in Florida has sentenced several people for conspiring to commit immigration fraud.

The defendants, authorities say, made more than half a million dollars selling forged Cuban birth certificates to undocumented immigrants and helping them fill out fraudulent U.S. immigration forms.

Their aim, investigators said, was to exploit a U.S. law that allows Cuban immigrants to apply for permanent residence if they've been in the United States for more than a year.

Authorities arrested four men last year. Court documents show that all four have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit immigration fraud.

Court documents provide details about a type of scam that's becoming increasingly common, immigration lawyers say.

In one conversation with a confidential informant recorded by investigators, the ring leader, Morejon demanded thousands of dollars in payment for Cuban birth certificates and provided advice about how to answer questions from immigration authorities who might ask why he has a Mexican accent.

Morejon advised the informant and an undercover officer not to make conversation with officials, and to tell them they arrived "in a raft," according to the transcript.

Investigators accuse  him of recruiting the others and paying them referral fees for each undocumented immigrant who purchased his services.

He "met with numerous illegal aliens and told them that he could assist them in obtaining their residency in the United States by pretending to be Cuban," according to a court document filed along with Morejon's guilty plea agreement last year.

"To effectuate the fraud, Morejon posed as an immigration officer to impress the illegal aliens (and) also threatened some of the illegal aliens with deportation," the document said.

The day authorities arrested him, they found blank Cuban birth certificates and altered naturalization certificates in his Florida home, federal prosecutors said in a memo filed this month. In addition to selling fake Cuban birth certificates, Morejon also sold fraudulent presidential pardons, prosecutors said.

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