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The Document Security Alliance (DSA) was created by government agencies, private industry and academia. DSA's goal is to identify methods of improving security documents and related procedures to help combat the growing acts of fraud, terrorism, illegal immigration, identity theft, and other criminal acts.

DSA members - in both government and private industry - draw upon a wide range of knowledge and detailed technical disciplines to accomplish this goal. The group is committed to develop recommendations to appropriate federal and state government agencies, private industry, and policy makers in order to improve the process and procedures surrounding document security.

Latest News

10-12-2016 : Over 400 Fake IDs Confiscated in Crackdown on Underage Drinking

04-15-2016 : Fake passport seizures at UK borders 'at five-year high'

12-17-2015 : Jamaican National Accused of Falsifying Immigration Stamp

08-10-2015 : States Crack Down on Driver's License Fraud

06-15-2015 : More than 30 People Arrested in a Phony Driver’s Licenses Scheme

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10-27-2016 9:00 am : DSA Meeting

11-15-2016 : TRUSTECH 2016

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Digital Authentication of Documents – Essential to Combatting Global Counterfeiting

DSA letter in Support of REAL ID (June 2014)

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Birth Certificate Security
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Birth Certificate Security

DSA Discussion Paper - Dollar Note vs. Dollar Coin

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The Growing Epidemic of Counterfeit Identity Documents and Practical Steps to Combat It

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